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Grab shifts and get 100% control of when and where you work.

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We'll let you know when you get accepted to a new shift and we make sure you receive your salary.

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Apply for as many shifts as you want. Our system will make sure you will never have a double booking.

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Search amongst hundreds of restaurants, bars, and event agancies. Apply for the shifts you want when you want.

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You can choose if you want your salary weekly or monthly. You can also choose which account and tax card you would like to use.

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Great work pays off. Get a good rating from the company and you'll have better luck getting your next shift.

Realtime chat

Have questions about a shift or job interview? Chat with company directly through our chat system.

Become a favourite

A company can invite you to their favourite list which allows you to take work without having to apply first.

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Chabber works on every device. Use the app or the web platform. It's totally up to you.

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