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Choose salary

You decide the salary

You can set the hourly salary you wish to offer according to your requirements and budget.
Zero administration

Zero administration

We won’t charge you until the event/party is over and you’ve confirmed the last few details. We’ll take care of paying out salary and tax reporting.
Customer service

Customer service

You should feel comfortable when booking waiting staff for you private event. Our customer service is ready to help you prior to and after you’ve made the booking.
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rate function

Users ratings

Pick your waiting staff based on profiles encompassing ratings from other users that worked with the waiting staff.

favourite function


Did you favour some of the waiting staff? Add them to your favourites. Now they’ll receive instant notice of your future events.

chat function

Quick and easy contact

Once you’ve picked your waiting staff you can contact them individually or in groups via our chat. You’ll also get their phone number and e-mail.

app function

Chabber on the go

We want to make it easy to booking waiting staff. Download our app and do it when and where you want to.

flexible function

Change and adjust

It might be difficult to predict the exact length of your event. We’ve therefore enabled you to adjust shift lengths once a shift is done. In other words, you’ll only pay for what you use.

rate function

Save and re-use

There's no need to start from scratch everytime you need to find waiting staff. Creating once and re-using templates will save you time and let you focus on what really matters.

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Our customers

Many people have already used Chabber to find the perfect waiting staff for their events and parties. Here are some of their comments:

Booked 2 waiters

Priceless help at our private party. Natascha and Johan took on initiative and stayed to finish the cleaning up even though the shift was over. Our guests commented on the lovely waiters.

Booked 2 bartenders

Line and Frederikke were positive, kind and very efficient. They deserve a huge thank you for their help.

Booked 5 waiters

It was a very pleasant experience to use Chabber. Their customer service held my hand throughout the process, and reached out to check that everything was in order. Overall, a very pleasant and warm experience.

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